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This is up for debate. Our generation could time it by the technological revolution we are currently in the throes of. So, how could this phenomenon possibly explain the tumult and rapid change the human race is currently experiencing? This may best describe the turbulent character of the times we are living in now. The turmoil of a major transition. From industrialisation to what you might call internetisation, technologically speaking the way we live is almost unrecognisable.

But, for all this positive progression there is a lot of conflict.

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Many of our grandparents lived through two world wars and as I write this, elsewhere in the world, brutal conflicts rage on. This widespread level of communication, which allows unlimited interactive access, arguably also de-personalises what was once one-to-one communication. This could be seen as a classic Aquarian tendency. In UK politics the legalisation of same sex marriage and the rise of female political premierships UK, Scotland, Northern Ireland etc are also expressions of the Aquarian urge for egalitarianism and putting principles into practice.

That all sounds very positive, what are the negatives of Aquarius? A desensitising of the personal maybe Inherent in this is the threat of homogeny that actually quashes individuality. Ironic, when individuality, even eccentricity, are well-known Aquarian traits. After all, the symbol of the sign of Aquarius is the water carrier, i.

In its purest form Aquarius is anti-establishment and pro-equality. But this all rather depends on how we as humans channel the celestial calling for change on our planet…. As a generation we are, on the whole, what you might call spiritual but not religious. In terms of traditional religious beliefs each generation has had a lower level of religious attachment to their elders in recent decades.

And relish the magic of today's passionate full moon as it gently but firmly directs love to your door.

By Wednesday you're back to your old quietly assertive self, holding the reins while calmly choreographing the moves. You've never felt more in control. You've seldom been a better leader.

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People will appreciate your dynamism soon enough. Or is your brilliance simply being ignored? This is just as it should be. The cosmos wants you planning, inventing, being ingenious, but telling no one. There's confusion and madness in the air, so go ahead and smile at the boss.

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Release the buck. Save your energy for home life.

Some serious work is needed there. Relationships, on the other hand, are about to start travelling in reverse. So if there's a new partnership of any kind on the horizon, treat it with utmost care, or put it on ice till November. And if there are contracts to be signed, have 15 lawyers, and your shrink, check out the details. Yes, seriously. As in yelling, screaming, occasional threats - and that's just from you.

A better idea would be to ignore the finances until next week and focus on something else. Your love life for instance. Big stuff happening there.

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Or your travel plans. Have you always wanted to climb the Himalayas? Well, start packing. The power planet straightens up tomorrow - and it's in your sign. By Wednesday, you'll be in a better mood, and pumping with adrenaline. Still, hold off on the big decisions till next week, when you'll hopefully have regained some balance. Use this week for wild sex, bad behaviour and a secret peek at your dark side.

If you've convinced yourself you don't have one, get some therapy. Just you.


You may have to leave your back-up behind, but maybe that's a good thing. For a start, your hormones have been misbehaving horribly in the most inappropriate places. So a spell away from that kind of lunacy can't do any harm. And secondly, it's your time to discover what you're really made of. On your own. Exciting stuff, eh? Today's fabulous Pisces full moon gets the ball rolling. But wait for Wednesday before the unveiling. By then, the planets will have shifted and people will be listening. Even better, you'll be sending out the perfect energy to dump past gripes and move on.

There's more. The planets of prosperity are whispering in your ear. Listen closely. Not today maybe, but soon. Maybe even as soon as Wednesday. That idiot at work is about to discover that no one can do exactly what you can do, and that we all have our unique contribution to make.