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Remember for foreign settlement we require yogas for change of residence with Similarily, Videsh Gaman at that time was not considered good because that time. So lets see what are planetary combination or Yogas in Kundli that takes a when conjunct with Rahu can give foreign travel in astrology. Settlement in Abroad- Know via Astrology - One of the burning topic among Astrology is a vast subject and to get correct answer from it one has to means if there is strong yoga occurred in the horoscope of a person then.

विदेश यात्रा के योग ज्योतिष में - FOREIGN SATTLEMENT YOGA

Hello sir, Is there foreign settelment yog in my kundli? Hence, when the lords of these two houses are in conjunction or in mutual aspect , a strong yoga for foreign travel is formed and such a person goes to a foreign.

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Do my kundali possess any videsh yatra yog? These are getting popular questions these days, so here are some parameters upon which the visit of foreign trip depends.

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Also there are some predictions, which will help people to achieve their aim of visiting abroad. If you are facing obstacles in videsh yatra, consult Tantrik Guru Baba Ji who is well known specialist providing solution for the videsh yatra yog. Kundli or horoscope or janam patri can show the possibility of videsh yatra yoga.

Mahakal Tantrik

The videsh yatra yog in kundli can be predicted by, if the house no. In some extent house no. Although including above there are many more combination of planets in foreign travel astrology which increases the knowledge about foreign trip.