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Birthday is October 26th, Free Birthday Horoscope October. Free Horoscope for those who was born on October and whose zodiac sign is Scorpio.

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Frequency about 2 videos per month Since Sep Channel youtube. Views Count- 26,, United States About Youtuber This channel is dedicated to all forms of natural healing through whole foods, herbs and natural remedies. Frequency about 3 videos per month Since Mar Channel youtube. Views Count- 8,, WorldWide About Youtuber Christa has over 15 years experience in crystal healing and runs a thriving healing practice.

She holds a Master of Crystology.

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This channel discusses the historical uses and healing properties of crystals and gemstones with crystal expert Christa. Frequency about 1 video per month Since Nov Channel youtube. Australia About Youtuber Kireiki is about bringing light to every corner of the universe. Energy balancing, grounding and healing meditations. Video Count - 6. About Youtuber Welcome to Unconditional Healing. My name is Nadia and I offer healing and enlightment through tarot card readings. Frequency about 2 videos per month Since Dec Channel youtube. Views Count- 2,, About Youtuber AcousticHealth.

Hosted by Spiritual Journalist Lauren Galey, these shows are designed to open hearts, expand consciousness and raise the vibration of the planet. Frequency about 3 videos per week Since Jul Channel youtube.

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Los Angeles, CA About Youtuber Deborah King is a New York Times best-selling author, a recognized media personality, and the world's leading authority on energy healing Deborah mastered ancient and modern healing systems, ultimately developing a powerful healing technique of her own. She has since gone on to develop LifeForce Energy Healing and Coaching courses that both teach and transform.

Frequency about 2 videos per month Since Jul Channel youtube. Frequency about 1 video per month Since Jan Channel youtube. About Youtuber Narcissistic Recovery Healing for Empaths is where I share my experience with Narcissistic Personality Disorder abuse - how I suffered it without knowing what it was, red flags, learning, recovery, healing and empowerment after narc abuse. Frequency about 2 videos per week Since Jun Channel youtube.

Frequency about 4 videos per week Since Nov Channel youtube. About Youtuber Welcome to Whispers of Grace. This channel provides healing for all. Our goal is to help anyone who wants to grow on a spiritual level or wants to hear from passed loved ones that are on the Other Side. Frequency about 9 videos per week Since Aug Channel youtube. There is so much negativity and crap out there in terms of erotic hypnosis. Frequency about 1 video per month Since Feb Channel youtube. Bailey, co About Youtuber Alexandra Dobigies with Spiritual Healing Therapy will help you improve every aspect of your life, by restoring your energies to its optimum level.

Frequency about 1 video per month Since Apr Channel youtube. About Youtuber As an expert in mind-body-spirit healing, Amy helps clients to balance, release, and clear energy in relationship to traumatic events, limiting beliefs, subconscious blocks, and negative emotions. Frequency about 1 video per month Since Dec Channel youtube. Views Count- 56, Frequency about 2 videos per week Since May Channel youtube. Views Count- 60, About Youtuber Zarathustra is an internationally known spiritual teacher and vibrational healer and a 5th Dimensional Quantum Healer, who lives his life in the truth of NOW.

Frequency about 3 videos per week Since Dec Channel youtube. Frequency about 3 videos per week Since Oct Channel youtube. About Youtuber My healing practice has become less about techniques and more about you. So, just be open, use every opportunity and possibility and keep the doors open for the miracle to find its way.

Keen Home. Blog Policies. Alexandra Chauran A day in the life of an accidental seer. Name: Doctor Alexandra Chauran. About Me: Ever since I was diagnosed with schizophrenia, I haven't needed a crystal ball. I could see visions in a toothbrush! I'm a spiritualist with a scientific bent navigating worlds seen and unseen.

Care to join me? Subject: Email Answers. June 1. March 1. February 1. October 2. July 2. May 1. April 3. March 3. January 1. October 1. September 1. December 1. March 2. August 1. April 1. February 2. November 3. September August July June May April March February January December November October July 9. June 3. May 4. April 5. January 2. July 1. About Me Advice Ask A Witch Books 5. Earthshod web-site E-mails Events Horoscopes Madame Mayat 3.

Parties 6. Phone Calls 8. Prayers Press Releases 9. Professionals Salvia divinorum 1. Schizophrenia 6. SEO 1. RSS 2. Atom 1. Lately, I have been reminded of how hard it is to live my life without my real father, and not knowing the answers I seek from him. Last night, I held two objects that he once owned and were given to my mother and from my mother to me. I held them in my hands and using all the strength and concentration and emotion I could, I tried to summon him or at least thoughts or dreams of him.

All I got were nightmares the rest of the night. I fell asleep with his objects in my hands. I was wondering if my nightmares are coincidence, or if it was related to the summoning and objects. Also, is there any way I can summon him to me or use magic to find him and bring knowledge of him my way. Please Help. Upcoming Horoscopes in Advance May Taurus Mercury aids alertness, especially for flying travelers. If you're a special fan of aircraft, this week's Renton Transportation Meeting is focusing on aviation. Gemini Mercury having gone direct is a relief for your travels as well as any communications you need to make by phone or text-message while you're traveling.

Rest assured your message should arrive. Cancer Traveling in comfort and style is not always easy, but speedy travel is possible. Your commute this week is quick if planned well, so enjoy the ride. Leo Make sure you're the one in the driver's seat whenever possible, as your Mars makes you more likely to take necessary action and leave instead of dawdling when the time is right. Virgo Connections are lining up this week more easily than they have been, so feel free to complicate things if you have to by adding additional appointments or stops along the way.

Libra Communications when you're on the road can often be complicated and not work out as planned.

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You will find that you are much better able to get your point across and sooth feelings, if needed. Scorpio Traveling safely has a good potential this week. Your alertness has been heightened, so take advantage of it by making sure that everything necessary is double-checked. Sagittarius Having to take the indirect way to places and goals can frustrate you, and certainly there have been obstacles.

But you'll find some of these barriers can be overcome or transcended. Capricorn The waning crescent moon is trine your Pluto at am this morning, which suggests you avoid stress by leaving early. The same can be said about leaving work a little early if possible. Aquarius Whenever you can, trust someone else to be in the driver's seat and find yourself some time to relax and even perhaps read a book. You've had to work too hard. Pisces Now that Mercury has gone direct, making last-minute changes isn't going to mess up all of your plans, so feel free to take some initiative, even if your travels include others.

We had two children who now live full time with me and my now fiance. The problem I am having is that my ex and new wife keep saying hurtful things about me and my love, and the way we are bringing up the children, and how we are trying to keep the children from them. Alexandra, This is not true. I my not have anything to do with them, aside from the children, but I know how important it is to keep them in touch with their father.

What should I do? They don't believe me when I tell them I don't want to come between them and the children. They are hurting the children and pushing them away! Help if you can? I'm certainly not alone, but I know that I'm in the minority in our culture believing that ancient divination skills can produce real problem-solving results by inspiring the creativity and intuition that we need to solve social problems.

To that end, I've constructed a proposal to the World Bank Institute to educate children and engage the global community in not only predicting our future, but helping nurture our destiny! The decision of whether or not to award me seed funding and a travel scholarship is now in the hands of a team of World Bank Institute senior education specialists, the EVOKE mentors and the EVOKE creators, but you can certainly view my proposal directly and scroll to the bottom of it to comment if you have a Ning account to show your support and encouragement!

Click Here to View My Proposal. Comments Off. Upcoming Weekend Horoscopes May Today is not just the kind of day to schmooze and make connections, but to purposefully put forth your intention to be able to succeed. Taurus While the sun is in your sign, you have excellent success potential and an ability to grow your financial worth. Make sure others are noticing how much you shine! Gemini With Venus in your sign, other people are more likely to be friendly towards you and share your goals. Set up lunch dates with people who can help you with your career.

Cancer As it is official Nurses Day, if you're in a health care profession, or even if you are not, make sure that you are taking care of yourself in order to better be able to serve others. Leo The energy of Mars let's you take actions that have results! That can be a boon or a bane, so look before you leap, because what you do will cause a stir! Virgo Saturn truly helps all career-minded individuals climb the ladder in the way that it was designed.

Make sure that you're keeping good records of what you are doing. Libra You may have a hard time determining whether your job is permanent or transient. Make sure you know all your options. And keep temp jobs in mind through places like Link Staffing. Scorpio Today is No Homework Day, not just for kids, but for everyone!

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Try not to take your work home with you. Allow yourself to relax and not be wound-up after the day has subsided. Sagittarius Today is the National Day of Reason. Do you have reasons behind the activities that you've signed up to do long-term? Make sure you've thought all of this through.

Capricorn Are you applying your efforts in ways that are coordinated with your true goal? Make sure you're not spreading your work too thin, but are focused on what you want. Aquarius Your waning gibbous moon is conjunct your Neptune Retrograde at pm tonight, making you very impressionable. Try not to solidify any zany career schemes tonight.

Pisces As long as Jupiter remains in your sign, you should keep working on the management and authority aspects of any career goals of yours. But what about black candles? I have heard that black is no color, and therefore cannot be a substitute for other colors like the white can. But, can white be thought of as black? Thank you. By law, those "practicing counseling for a fee must be credentialed" WAC Alexandra Chauran, who has been a Registered Counselor RC in Washington state since October 28th of in good standing, met all application requirements for the Certified Counselor CL credential.

This included completing coursework in risk assessment, ethics, appropriate screening and referral, Washington State Law and AIDS education, as well as having a consultant agreement with a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and passing a Certified Counselor Exam. She does not plan to practice counseling outside the context of her fortune telling business, but maintains her credential to demonstrate a commitment to health and safety excellence for her clients. Weekday Horoscopes. Hot off the presses, here's this week's weekday horoscopes in advance! Take a step outside of your comfort zone to meet new ones!

Taurus The waning gibbous moon is trine your sun at am this morning letting your stubbornness subside a bit.

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Live and let live, even with friends and coworkers doing crazy things. Gemini Venus lends extra harmony to your friendships, and makes your time with her a good time to plan social occasions! Break out the schedule and hit up your friends today! Cancer If you're feeling reserved and shy about taking the lead with your friends and acquaintances, your best times today are Jupiter's hours of either am, pm or pm. Leo Mars leads you on adventures, so plan some of those with friends while you can!

As summer amps up, opportunities for hiking and camping or other exciting things abound! Virgo Saturn can make you seem way too busy for your friends unless they're all in a room together, and even then you must divide your attention. Structure one-on-one time with some friends. Libra Seeking harmony instead of drama is always your main goal with your friendships. Hours of the day that might help you with that belong to Venus, at either am or pm. Scorpio Monday reminds us that the moon goes in cycles. So, instead of being all-or-nothing, go with the flow and try again.

The hours of the moon will help you at either am, pm or pm.

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Sagittarius Your friends appreciate that you are dependable and open-minded. One of them may be feeling not accepted by others. Reach out a hand to show that you still love him or her. Capricorn Mercury retrograde is trine your Pluto at am this morning, which may make it hard to hash out the details of specific plans. Instead, hand off the planning to another friend. Aquarius The art of brushing people off comes easily to you, and white lies are always used ethically. But you may have gotten too used to it.