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December 4 Zodiac - Complete Birthday Horoscope & Personality Profile

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December 4 Zodiac

Venus gives partners the right blend of skill and luck to improve their finances and see how much they can achieve together. Love is a learning process in long-lasting relationships and what you discover about a partner is unexpected, fascinating and useful. Family luck is linked to boxing.


As Mercury does an about-turn, you can draw a line under the past, and then scintillating ideas — especially those linked to showbiz — can go from daydreams to action. When choosing to build their shared world with someone, they need their sense of personal freedom intact and to not be burdened by too much of their partner's responsibility. Their strong personality easily takes over the issues of others and this could turn them into a human shield of protection for loved ones, where their own needs remain unfulfilled.

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Once they stop compromising and start finding shared solutions, they may just reach the ideal of relationship they wish for. A Sagittarius born on December 4th is a good mathematician or historian, someone who sees the map of moves needed to move towards a certain goal. They have endurance and stay firm in long-term projects when on the right career path instead of a chase for status.

Highly intellectual and linked to faith and higher spheres, they make incredible organizers and planners, those who are able to put all the little things in their right place, seeing the outcome of each decision made. Blue kyanite is a very good choice of stone for people born on the 4th of December. It aligns all chakras bringing order into the most chaotic processes in their inner world, followed by peace in the outer one.

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It is known to bring healing dreams as it connects one's subconscious world with the conscious one, giving clarity to issues from the past and all emotions that have been buried when they should have been expressed. To choose a birthday gift for someone born on December 4th, we must keep in mind the depth of character and the seriousness behind the act.

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Although they often seem childish, they are mature in their areas of interest, and we should stick to presents that give respect to their desires and strivings in life. They must try out their talents in the real world to see what makes their heart fly.

Well-structured, goal oriented and calm, they see the power of Nature, of all things that come with a logical flow, and see life as a simple equation to be solved. They embrace challenges and own big solutions, giving others hope in situations that are difficult or seemingly too tangled to overcome. Dogmatic, stuck in negative beliefs for decades, they have trouble letting go of their own internal patterns that limit them and take away their freedom.

This leads them to repressive relationships or breaking loose, and cutting off others that never endangered or pressured them in the first place.

Sagittarius Dates of Birth

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